Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Harasser in Chief.

"Donald J. Trump: You know and ...
Unknown: She used to be great. She’s still very beautiful.
Trump: I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.
Unknown: Whoa.
Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married.
Unknown: That’s huge news.
Trump: No, no, Nancy. No, this was [unintelligible] — and I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.
She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” I took her out furniture —
I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.

I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.
Bush: Whatever you want.
Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.
Bush: Uh, yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs.
Trump: Oh, it looks good.
Bush: Come on shorty.
Trump: Ooh, nice legs, huh?
Bush: Oof, get out of the way, honey. Oh, that’s good legs. Go ahead."

I posted the transcript of that exchange between trump and Bill Bush because it's instructive when trying to determine if one of trump's many accusers is being honest when she revealed how she was assaulted by trump a few years back.

trump, of course, says that she is lying. 

A woman I don’t know and, to the best of my knowledge, never met, is on the FRONT PAGE of the Fake News Washington Post saying I kissed her (for two minutes yet) in the lobby of Trump Tower 12 years ago. Never happened! Who would do this in a public space with live security......

Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Shut up and dribble", N****r.

Image result for lebron james obama suits charity imagesI am watching the All Star game with its usual pomp and circumstance, and all I can think about is the FOX VIEWS pundit and her ignorant and racist rant about LeBron James. She actually told James to "shut up and dribble"because he had the nerve to speak his opinion about the  president of the United States.

The last time I checked James is a tax paying citizen, who has every right to speak his mind against the president if he disagrees with him about a particular issue. Throw in the fact that James has done more to uplift his community and contribute to making this country a better place than this host could ever do, and you really have to wonder what she was thinking.

I think I know what she was thinking: How dare this uppity N****r speak out against a president who I consider an ideological soul-mate, and who happens to be a racist like me? 

She made fun of the fact that James did not go to college, and she had the nerve to say the following about James criticizing trump: “barely intelligible, not to mention ungrammatical.” Think about this for a minute: A FOX host making fun of someone for not going to college. Irony is clearly dead in America. I am quite sure that well over 50% of their viewers do not have college degrees. But whatever. If you have to fire up your viewers with a tried and true formula of disparaging the black man, well so be it.

Sadly, this is giving the host what she wants: Attention. And she already had her follow up show with the predictable black token and house Negroes going on her show to declare that missy is not a racist. And she even took to twitter to invite him on her show.

 “Hey King, Come play on my Court next week,”   

I don't think that's going to happen, right-wingnut, since I am pretty sure that Bron didn't even know who you were before all of this.

In fact.....

“The best thing she did is help me create more awareness, ” he told reporters. “I appreciate her for giving me even more awareness.”

He continued, “I get to sit up here and talk about social injustice, equality, and why a woman on a certain network decided to tell me to shut up and dribble. So, thank you, whatever her name is — I don’t even know her name.”

Bron, consider yourself lucky.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018


    • Image result for trump putin image

I need a caption for this pic.

Example: I think they are getting closer.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Taking cues from a leader.

It turns out that this animal who slaughtered those 17 people in Florida might have been a trump supporter.Yep.

Forget what you have been hearing from right-wingnuts, bots, and the Infowars crowd; these are the facts.

"The teenage gunman accused of slaughtering 17 people at a Florida high school on Wednesday had posted a photo of himself wearing one of President Donald Trump's signature red MAGA hats on Instagram, the social media site confirmed.

"The photo in question shows 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz wearing a hat that features Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan and an American-flag-colored bandana that covers the bottom half of his face.

Following the shooting, which left at least 17 dead and over a dozen more injured, Instagram deleted Cruz's account and released a statement about the action, writing, "This is a terrible tragedy and our hearts go out to the people who have been affected. There is absolutely no place on our platforms for people who commit such horrendous acts. We have found and immediately deleted the shooter’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram." [Source]

And of course, predictably, he was also a white supremacist.  But we don't worry about white terrorists in this country, just brown ones. The FBI was made aware of this animal, and apparently they even interviewed him. But they clearly didn't think that he was a threat. I wonder why.   

The president was blaming this latest shooting on mental illness, and some of  his minions were even blaming Obama. But the truth is that this very president and his administration overturned an Obama provision to prevent mentally ill people from purchasing guns. 

Anyway, I think we are all Sarah tonight.

"While Mr Trump said he sent his ‘prayers and condolences’ to the families of the dead, adding: ‘No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.’ Sarah replied: ‘I don’t want your condolences you fucking price (sic) of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. I don’t want your condolences you fucking price of shit, my friends and teachers were shot. Multiple of my fellow classmates are dead. 

Do something instead of sending prayers. Prayers won’t fix this. But Gun control will prevent it from happening again." [Source]


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Open Thread Wednesday.

MORE DISCLAIMERS It's open thread Wednesday. And I, like most people, have been thinking about yet another mass shooting taking place in NRAmerica. This time it's in Florida. But it could have been anywhere. This is the 18th school shooting so far this year, and we are not even a full two months in. Think about that for a minute. 

We will now see the 24 hour cable news coverage, and we will hear from all the usual suspects about the need for gun control, or there is too much gun control..........blah blah blah.

And yet, in a week or two, it will be back to normal. trump will be talking about his wall to keep out those evil immigrants who commit all sorts of crimes, and all the politricksters who line their pockets with NRA money will be back to business as usual in Washington.

Meanwhile, the real threat to our safety, is the kid next door who has a self-esteem problem, or the stranger down the street who hates black people and Gays.

Oh yeah, and the politicians who make it so easy for them to get their hands on damn near any type of  weapon that they choose.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vlad's Manchurian.

OK, this Russian thing is starting to really bother me.

I just saw what all those intelligence officials said about Russian meddling in our elections, and yet our your president refuses to acknowledge that there is even a problem. That,  and......well I will just let the image of these tweets say the rest.

  1. @puestoloco:What Intel did Trump, Kelly & Pompeo give to 3 Russian spy agencies? • Why were they here? Why was it secret? Why did Trump waive sanctions for 2? • What did they take back to Russia? • Why did Moscow Times break the story? • Who are Kelly's 40 without security clearances?
Yeah what they said.

Monday, February 12, 2018

A new low.

Donald Trump Fired - Real men Dont hit Women rAISE AWARNESS FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

trump's buddy Duterte told Philippine soldiers to shoot female rebel soldiers in the vagina.
Wow! What's with these power hungry autocrats and their hatred for women?

Here in America we have our very own version of Duterte. Although he likes to grab women by the pussy, not shoot them there. He also likes to defend men who ("allegedly") beat the crap out of their wives.

Did I mention that trump loves this guy Duterte?

"President Trump praised President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines in a phone call last month for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem” in the island nation where the government has sanctioned gunning down suspects in the streets. Mr. Trump also boasted that the United States has “two nuclear submarines” off the coast of North Korea but said he does not want to use them.

The comments were part of a Philippine transcript of the April 29 call that was circulated on Tuesday, under a “confidential” cover sheet, by the Americas division of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. In Washington, a senior administration official confirmed that the transcript was an accurate representation of the call between the two iconoclastic leaders. The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the call and confirmed it on the condition of anonymity." [Source]

trump sees a lot of himself in men like Duterte, and he sees a lot of himself in men like Rob Porter, Bill O'Reilly,  Roger Ailes, Corey Lewandowski, and all the other pigs [living and dead] who have been accused of similar things. It's why he seemed so passionate and sincere in his defense of Porter.
To him it was personal. And he can certainly relate, he has been accused of abusing (and even raping) countless women in the past. 

But this is where we are in America. The country is being led by a man who wants an ("alleged") wife beater to be given the benefit of the doubt, and he even feels sorry for him. Sadly, not a word about the victims. He doesn't even use the "bully pulpit" to address the serious issue of domestic violence in this country. And yet, some of us stick our heads in the sand and try to pretend that this is normal. Let me assure you that it is not. Unless, of course, you happen to live in the Philippines.  

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

"As American as apple pie."

Image result for trump racist imagesThe following article was written back in September. But since it's Black History Month and trump is still president, I thought that I would post it here again.

"I’ve been in mourning since the election. My America is gone. Racists and “alt-right” fascists have seized control of my country. And the villain, the fiend, who made this happen was Donald J. Trump, along with various helpers, most notably the cowardly Republican establishment and the Russians.
Well, I’m done with that stage of mourning. I still despise Trump but I no longer think he is responsible for this catastrophe. No, the catastrophe began a long, long time ago, even before independence from Great Britain when we built our state on the backs of the enslaved and the extermination of the native peoples who lived here.

I know this is no startling revelation. So-called “revisionist” historians have been proving this for decades. But I’ve remained a patriot anyway, viewing the hundreds of years of evil as anomalies while exceptional moments and personalities like Lincoln, the Civil War, the New Deal, the Great Society and Obama represented who we really are.
How naive! Didn’t I get it?

What did I think when, in my own lifetime, the solid Democratic south switched to the GOP virtually in unison when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Didn’t I get it when four presidents, starting with Dwight Eisenhower, led the country into a horrific war to prevent the Vietnamese people from choosing the government it wanted, or when George W. Bush invaded Iraq, without provocation, shattering the fragile Middle East, displacing millions of people and giving sustenance to some of the worst terrorists the world has ever seen?

Didn’t I get it when, successive Republican presidents and enthusiastic Members of Congress of both parties, rewrote the tax code to intentionally reverse the trend toward growing economic equality that began when FDR enacted the New Deal. And how about our immigration policy, all “Statue of Liberty” when we needed cheap labor, but coldly vicious — like now and during the Holocaust — when we preferred to allow millions to die rather than let them find asylum here.

Exactly when did the phrase “America is the greatest country in the world” mean anything more than “the greatest country I happen to live in?”

Yes, the “Greatest Generation” that fought World War II was great but we didn’t get in until Hawaii was attacked. FDR, who knew about all the Nazi atrocities, dared not even suggest that we help save Europe, including Britain, until we were directly attacked. As for helping the Jews, the American people was overwhelmingly against it and FDR, fearing electoral defeat if he tried to help, never even mentioned them. (A 1939 Gallup poll found that by a margin of 61 percent - 30 percent, Americans opposed allowing 10,000 European Jewish children to come here to escape near certain deaths in the concentration camps).

We can’t blame Trump for all that and certainly not for the racism, the Jim Crow, the lynchings, the police brutality, the sheer unending hate that African Americans have experienced from the very beginning.

All we can blame him for is for understanding this country better than we do and untapping the forces of hatred that were there all along. It’s as if there was some giant Hoover Dam behind which the real America was being held back until Trump figured out the secret to tearing it down. His innovation was to run a racist campaign not with dog whistles (the kind you get from the Gingriches, Huckabees, Cruz’s, etc) but to shout his hatred so loud and clear so that even the dimmest racist got the message: I hate them as much as you do. And, hearing that, they came out in astonishing numbers to vote their hate: against African-Americans, Muslims, gays, liberated women, and immigrants.

We may call Trump dumb but he figured out this country while we never did, understanding as the black militant H. Rap Brown put it 50 years ago, when he said that “racism is as American as apple pie.” And 46 percent of Americans voted for him, not in spite of that racism but because of it.
The bottom line is that the United States was never the America of our dreams. It has always been a cold, hard place and Trump is, in his own way, an appropriate American leader. We need to understand that.

But that does not mean that we shouldn’t resist. On the contrary, we must resist because we live here, our children live here, and the people under attack are either us or our neighbors. But we need to resist without illusions.

Those people we despise, including Trump, can make at least as strong a claim to representing the real America as we can. Obama was wrong when he said that we are not two countries, one blue and one red. Because, in fact, we are. Our job is to make sure that our country prevails." [Source]

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


I need a caption for this pic.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Another black eye for the White House.

Image result for porter black eye imagesApparently Donald trump and the rest of the members of his white male boys club in the White House didn't get the memo that it's 2018.

The other part of that memo says that you just can't go around assaulting and dehumanizing women like you did in the past.

Today, in a stunning statement, Donald trump took the side of an alleged wife beater over his ("alleged") victims.

"President Donald Trump on Friday called the departure of his former staff secretary Rob Porter following allegations of domestic abuse "very sad" and said he wishes Porter "well."

The President, in his first public comments since Porter's resignation on Wednesday, did not express any sympathy for the women Porter allegedly abused -- instead pointing to Porter's claim that "he's innocent."

"I found out about it recently and I was surprised by it," Trump said. "We certainly wish him well. It's obviously a very tough time for him. He did a very good job while he was in the White House."
"We hope that he will have a wonderful career," Trump added.
    Trump said "it was very sad when we heard about it."

    Trump focused on Porter's denial of the allegations that he struck his two-ex-wives while they were married.

    "He says he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that," Trump said. "He said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent, but you'll have to talk to him about that." [Source]

    "You wish him well" What about the poor women who he ("allegedly") went all Mike Tyson on? 
    My lord! trump will do anything to protect and defend white men doing bad things. ("There are bad people on both sides.")

    Remember the Central Park Five? trump still thinks that they are guilty, even though they have been found innocent and vindicated by our judicial system. But he will never hope that they have a "wonderful career". In fact, if it were up to him, they would all be dead.   

    But trump has a history of defending certain types of men who abuse women. Maybe it's because he has admitted to being an abuser himself and thus can totally relate to them.  

    Anyway, now comes the fun part. The White House will try to convince the American people that they were not aware of this man's past, and that they are "shocked" to hear of these allegations of domestic abuse against him. 

    Of course we know now that the man charged with overseeing Mr. Porter's hire is no better than trump. Chief of Staff John Kelly has had his issues believing women who have had these types of sad encounters with men in the past. Frankly, though, his word is not worth much anymore. He has been proven to be a racist and a liar. 

    This will be a tough sell to all but trump's minions. Rob Porter couldn't pass an FBI background check because of these allegations and the FBI made the trump boys club aware of this months ago. And yet, he continued to thrive with team trump. He was even dating another member of team trump with trump's blessing.   

    "Jennifer Willoughby, an ex-wife of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, told NBC News on Friday that "shame" once kept her from coming forward with allegations of spousal abuse.
    But telling her story in recent days has been "really cathartic," she said.

    "I think anybody who has been in a toxic or abusive relationship recognizes that, [to] some degree, you feel as though it's your fault and you carry that shame with you," Willoughby told Savannah Guthrie on NBC's "

    No need to be ashamed Ms. Willoughby, you are the victim here, not Mr. Porter.

    Although if you listened to the president today, you would think it's the other way around.  

    *Pic from  the washingtonpost.com



    Wednesday, February 07, 2018


    MORE DISCLAIMERSIt's open thread Wednesday, and I have a few things on my mind.

    Are white people going to become as concerned with out of control law enforcement officials as black folks when we start seeing more cases like this one out of White County (oh the irony), Tennessee.

    How did senior White House staffer, Rob Porter, get top level security clearance to work in the White House, with a history of alleged domestic violence under his belt? And why was the White House protecting him?  

    Do you believe Q's claims about Ivanka?

    Should America start a Free Melania campaign?

    I thought America liked their presidents with hair. 

    When will middle America realize that they are being played by FOX VIEWS?

    Finally, will this military parade idea being floated by trump finally convince those who weren't convinced before that he is nuts?